Wednesday, April 23, 2014


this past weekend, my mom came to stay with me in new york. while my apartment may be smaller-than-suitable for having overnight company, i enjoy the motivation (to try new restaurants, to visit new areas) that comes with visitors. additionally, my mom is the best partner-in-crime for shopping and scouting! 

on saturday, we toured williamsburg with stops at pilgrim surf + supply, catbird, bakeri, smorgasburg, mast brothers chocolate, and a few small boutiques. the weather was perfect for exploring: a light jacket was more than adequate. on sunday, we had brunch at the butcher's daughter (hello avocado toast!), cortados at happy bones, and shopped in soho where i picked up these sandals from j.crew. i predict they will be in heavy rotation this summer.

1. pilgrim surf + supply    
2. morgan's market    
3. mast brothers chocolate   4. tiles in williamsburg 
5. the butcher's daughter

Monday, March 31, 2014


i'm typically a creature of habit when it comes to my beauty regime. MAC for cosmetics; Kiehl's for face, body, and haircare. however, i occasionally try new products that end up becoming true bathroom counter fixtures. whether i was recommended by a friend or lured in by beautiful packaging, below are some of my favorite grooming essentials! 

01. swedish dream sea salt bar soap

the royal blue, anchor-adorned box is hard to resist, no? i picked this up while at the beach over the summer. i don't usually use bar soap, but i absolutely love the scent and it leaves your hands super soft. 

02. marvis classic strong mint toothpaste

again, stunning packaging. marvis makes a beautiful line of toothpastes in unique flavors. i realize that this product is a bit excessive (it's just regular toothpaste with a ridiculous price tag) but it acts as an accessory on my counter. which is how i justify the purchase! 

03. archipelago pineapple ginger candle

my friend carly, knowing my affinity for pineapples, gave me this candle for my birthday. the scent is spot-on and i love the minimal design. pictured with a vintage matchbook picked up at an antique store in williamsburg

04. chanel no. 5 / by kilian love, don't be shy

something old, something new. this miniature chanel no. 5 bottle was acquired in 2nd grade, believe it or not. i had a very fashionable friend at the time and she gave this to me as a birthday gift. unsure if i knew anything about chanel at age 8, but i'm certainly glad i have it now. 

as for the scent on the right, kilian was introduced by a friend when i first moved to new york and i instantly fell in love. it's my signature scent for spring and i look forward to dousing myself in it as soon as the weather turns warm. 

05. living proof prime / NARS eyeshadow

sometimes trying samples converts to purchase. case in point: living proof's prime. i have naturally curly hair, which i flat iron. i use prime on damp hair and it manages to softens the curls, making my hair easier to straighten once dry. 

speaking of ease, i used to use MAC's eyeliners to line my eyes. it was never a painless process and rather difficult to get the perfect wing. i turned to NARS eyeshadow and found the highly pigmented, rich powder to work just right. i use nightclubbing and apply it with MAC's small angle brush.

06. swissco white horn toothbrush

chic toothbrushes are a weakness for me. i once received a beautiful tortoise one that i accidentally dropped in the toilet...therefor, it now remains "on display" only! i replaced it with this white horn brush, found at catbird in brooklyn. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014


last weekend, my friend carly and i decided to wander around williamsburg, brooklyn for a change of scenery. the weather practically resembled spring, meaning ballet flats were sported, iced lattes were consumed, and outdoor brunch became an actual possibility. 

i had a growing list of williamsburg locales that piqued my interest so we hit each one while also discovering other note-worthy spots along the way. 

first up, the bakeshop. sun-filled, white washed, and sugar scented.  we each enjoyed iced lattes and carly tried a petit liege waffle while catching up. i could have stayed all day, but the warm(er) temperatures were calling. 

after a dose of caffeine and sugar, we went to pilgrim surf + supply (pictured, bottom left). while i'm not a surfer, i am endlessly attracted to surfing culture. i was enthralled with their expansive wall of colorful boards, which i discovered on instagram. i would be dishonest if i said i didn't base my entire williamsburg visit on photographing this. guilty! 

on to bakeri, a cafe highly recommended by foodie and photographer friends alike (pictured top left, bottom right). their unique collection of mismatched china, quaint garden (complete with ivy covered walls), and delicious edibles all explain why. while hectic inside, we placed our order and then secured an outdoor table. lemonade, avocado toast, a cappuccino, and fresh air? it was picture perfect in every way. 

we also visited smorgasburg and the brooklyn flea, catbird, and a great antique shop - the name escapes me - where i found the best vintage matchbook selection. it was a full, fun day and one that i'd easily repeat again soon!


Monday, January 27, 2014

| A GEM |

a few weeks ago, i ventured to the upper west side to view American Natural History Museum's hall of gems. i'm still in awe of the colors and compositions. can you fathom that nature creates such flawless objects? tiffany and cartier cannot hold a candle to these sparkly rocks! 

pictured above: 
aquamarine and maxixe beryl 
purple fluorite 
a group of opals

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


after spotting a seriously chic gold lobster knocker in boston, i've been on the hunt for unique doors in my own neighborhood (and beyond!). this isn't a new visual attraction. my love for colorful entryways accompanied by alluring hardware dates back to childhood.

 at the time, my aunt and uncle resided on elfreth's alley in phildelphia. a photographer was commissioned to capture each door of "the nation's oldest residential street". when the finished portraits were printed, my 9-year old self marveled at a coral door with a pineapple doorknocker (a symbol of welcome and good cheer in colonial times). 

more recently, carly and i have been on a quest to find these city gems. although, quest is an understatement. it's become a full-on obsession in actuality. basing vacation plans on cities with pastel or hot pink hued doors? don't put it past us. 

find door inspiration on my pinterest here.