Wednesday, January 28, 2015

the apartment

oxford shirt | high waisted jeans
leopard slippers | mirrored sunglasses 
sheepskin throw | area rug
cacti pots | white & wood bowl

if you read this post about my plans to redecorate my west village apartment, here's a little peek at how the update is coming along! i finally feel as if my space is taking shape. as a highly visual person, i can be extremely impatient to get my vision into reality as soon as possible. however, it's been a fun process to slowly acquire the pieces i've been coveting for ages (lucite desk, new rug) and discover new items along the way. 

for instance: the cane desk chair pictured above. i had my heart set on cb2's tayabas cane chair but if i'm being honest, it was way more than what i wanted to spend. vintage options on etsy were equally priced (if not more!). i happened to find an interesting spin on this classic at housing works for $85...i could not pass it up. i'll be sure to photograph a full view once everything is complete.

dead of january, buried in snow, dreary new york city? i'm determined to create my very own venice beach bungalow right in downtown manhattan.

Friday, January 16, 2015


nail polish | candle
silk scarf | perforated sandals
swimsuit | terry pullover

because not everyone can be in montauk or palm beach year round, enter the tomas maier for diptyque paris candle collection. i recently purchased the PB candle because how could i resist? it smells incredible (described to emit classic notes of lemon and lime but i definitely detect clementines and cara cara oranges, too). in the spirit of palm beach, can i please be bedecked in pucci-esque prints and aqua terry cloth ASAP??

photo via sf girl by bay

Thursday, January 15, 2015


how do you take your coffee? as someone who's first action upon waking up is putting on a pot, i take it pretty seriously. 

at home, i am all about black coffee. i brew whole foods espresso sierra (ground extra fine turkish) and drink it black with two equals while catching up on email before work. i've maintained this routine for almost 10 years, beginning in 2006 while at college. when i am out of the house, it's another story. year round (even in frigid temperatures), i am always up for an iced latte break during the work day. i prefer decaf, soy milk, a splenda, and my favorite comes from kaffe 1668 in tribeca right near my office. although, chai lattes (with soy, no sweetener) have been a staple for me during this extra-cold winter and i am addicted to toby's version. i only wish they had mugs and to-go cups in larger sizes.

and while i'm not fan of hot lattes or cortados*, the exception is black tap coffee in charleston, south carolina. their lavender lattes, introduced to me by brooke, are out of this world. 

*i will never deny that they're incredibly photogenic. the above were all shot at toby's.

so i have to ask, what are your coffee routines?

Monday, January 12, 2015


tray | candle | earrings (similar) | sea salt rock
sheepskin rug | color chroma throw

a few sparkly, soft, and chic acquisitions from the holidays to ring in the new year...

unfortunately, the tassel earrings are no longer available (originally found at club monaco). i wore them on new year's eve with my new favorite high-rise jeansa bouclé sweater, and simple heels  they 100% made the outfit! these design darling stunners are the perfect alternative, though.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


already acquired:
white & wood bowlscoop lamp
sheepskin throw | area rug
cacti planter | diptyque candle
storage basket | accent stool
white frames | prints

still need:
lucite console | campaign dresser
cane chair | throw pillows | art

in early december, i decided that i was finally going to update my apartment. i've been living in the same space for nearly 4 years without barely changing a thing! not for lack of interest — my ideas have been planned and plotted for a while now. 

my current furniture (large black antique pieces with an IKEA white ektorp sofa) dates back to my first college apartment. while they're beautiful items, i definitely need a refresh. when i initially looked at my new york city apartment, i instantly fell in love. it was clean, white, bright, newly renovated  the perfect blank canvas. it boasts a large white brick (non-working) fireplace, reeding around the windows and doors, and beautiful molded baseboards. the apartment is considered a small 1-bedroom, but i spend 99% of my time in the main living area (i only go into my bedroom to sleep). in my mind, it's time to optimize this space to its full potential.

my inspiration is derived from a few destinations i visited this past summer...the surf lodge and crow's nest in montauk. these beachy, laid-back bohemian atmospheres, paired with classic nautical elements, have remained on my list of things-to-replicate. additionally, many of the homes featured on gabrielle's blog have left me itching to re-do my own place.

pictured above are pieces i've already purchased and items i still need to get...all that's really left is the furniture (console/desk, campaign dresser, chair). i hope to share photos once everything is complete!

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