Tuesday, August 25, 2015

hat ($7!) | sunglasses | perfume
tunic | hat case
bikini bottoms | city guide | white jeans (monogram-able!)

this past weekend, i took a stroll to the nolita neighborhood for some inspiration. there are so many fantastic boutiques on just elizabeth street, namely clare vivier's new york outpost. they carry the above louis vuitton city guide series of collectable books, which i had never seen before....it's brilliant! that alone inspired a palette of pinks and desert tans for my next trip out west....


Monday, August 24, 2015

for such a small island (14 miles across, to be exact), we always manage to make each nantucket trip quite different than the previous jaunt. in late july, mackenzie and i met up on the island: this time was no exception and particularly sweet because we no longer live a block away from each other. major quality time, new restaurants, sunset cocktails, beach days, no shortages of 'sconset market blueberry muffins, laughing 'til we cried, and a full six days to relax — all ingredients for the perfect ACK trip.

mackenzie's parents, dear grandmother, will, and i tried a handful of new restaurants: cru for dinner, met on main for brunch, lola burger for post-cocktail noshing, and the gray lady for incredible lobster rolls. as always, we revisited old favorites — because you cannot go to nantucket without hitting the juice bar every single night. we spent a bit of time downtown and stopped at a few favorite shops: peter beaton (where the striped sailor shirt above is from) and  flowers on chestnut (where we picked up hydrangeas for the house). 

we also said hello to the town pool team and took a ride on a few brilliant bicycles which are beautifully made, super chic, and very affordable. i own this one in 'simply white' and i cannot say enough good things about it!

when i land on ACK, i can't stop smiling and well, i just hate to leave. i couldn't have asked for a better time with some of my favorite people. until next time....

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

in june, i wrote about a few design challenges regarding my bedroom and proposed straying to a hot pink color palette when redecorating it. here's a refresher (which still holds true): "to be perfectly honest, there's hardly a piece of art, furniture (save my pathetic twin bed), or decor in my bedroom. the size, lack of natural light, and simply uninspiring feel left me, well, uninspired." 

while i've decided against the fuchsia accents, i have made strides in bringing my bedroom to a better place. 

first, i'm extremely excited to be partnering with matouk for my bedding. i adore matouk and hold their linens in the highest regard. i was thrilled to visit their new york showroom, meet their incredible team, and pick out each little detail. i'm very thankful for their generosity...and can't wait to see it come to life!

the process:
prior to my showroom appointment, i sent the matouk team inspiration images for my bedroom (pictured above). when i came in, they presented suggestions that mirrored my ideas but of course, were happy to go through the entire collection too. imagine having every trim under the sun — scalloped, striped, stitched — plus books and books of monogram designs to choose from (i opted for an embroidered insignia, rendered above). the matouk team asked me about so many components regarding  my sleeping preferences that i would have never even considered....but everything was taken into account to pick the right style and pieces for me. 

the mattress:
second, a few friends had recommended tuft & needle mattresses and i was curious to try this newer brand out for myself. words cannot describe how happy i am to be upgrading to a bigger bed! the tuft & needle team was also a pleasure to work with. the bed is finally set up and i'm ecstatic about the comfort level, ease of unboxing, and cloud-like feel.


img 010203

Monday, August 17, 2015

i have a hard time passing up ikat anything, especially when it's a unique rendition of the bohemian yet preppy print. besides a classic stripe, i'd consider it one of my favorite patterns. when visiting san francisco in july, i fell in love with the above oversized, indigo & white ikat tunic at dish boutique in hayes valley. the added bonus? the brand (called, 'the podolls') is local to the bay area so i didn't feel like i was purchasing something that i could find in new york or elsewhere. 

i'm sad to say the top is sold out, but this or this might satisfy your ikat fix, too.

photos of me by paul havel.

shop the look:

Saturday, August 15, 2015

ingredients for the perfect summer outfit: a classic sailor shirt, soft white jeans, jack rogers, and a few accessories. i'll never grow tired of this timeless pairing — it works from new york to nantucket and everywhere in between (quite appropriate, as the day pictured above happened to be in westport).

although i'm sure everyone has their preference for favorite striped tee and go-to white jeans, i always opt for a peter beaton...you can only find them on nantucket at their studio / shop downtown. the fit is perfect and they're made in massachusetts. as for denim, rag & bone's skinny in bright white would be my pick. so soft, flattering cut, and jumping-approved. 

i'm curious — who makes your favorite?

i'm wearing:

photos by paul havel.