Monday, August 13, 2012

/ I N  C O L O R /

via instagram:

01. i am a kiehl's loyalist - their products make up 99% of my body & beauty regime. i recently sampled their magic elixir and purchased it almost immediately afterward-- it's an unbelievable oil hair treatment. works magic, as promised. changed my hair life !

02. i have a heavy, major gold watch that i love (seen here) but in the summer, i opt for something lightweight. paired with dark denim & navy, ancient turquoise sandals (high school!) and dark toes. watch by calvin klein.

03. my office has summer fridays, so i always try to take advantage by leisurely walking home from work and conveniently choosing a route that winds through union square's greenmarket. these tiny tomatoes caught my eye !

04. napkin, wood slats, drinking glass. tables all set for sunday supper in the west village at Monument Lane on greenwich avenue.

05. the whole city is speckled with Van Leeuwen artisan ice cream trucks (and even a brick-and-mortar shop in the east village), but the most quaint and picturesque sighting of their signature yellow vehicle must be on bleecker street (in my humble opinion).

06. on saturday morning, i met one of my close friends from high school at Cafe Minerva on west 4th. it's the perfect meeting spot any time of day: coffee in the morning is just as lovely as wine and their chocolate crêpe in the evening. the mariner-striped gentleman in the background is simply a visual bonus !

i hope you had a terrific weekend 
here's to the week ahead !