Thursday, February 23, 2012


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CFDA'S 50th

i've always loved coffee table books -- especially those containing endless pages of art, fashion, or photography. this summer, i had the incredible opportunity to actually work on one. and not just any: the CFDA's 50th anniversary book entitled IMPACT. a commemorative on the council and the influence of its designers over the past fifty years; each member has a page dedicated to expressing what they feel is their 'impact' on american fashion. bold photos, editorial images, and artistic sketches accompany each statement: all submitted by the fashion designers themselves.

this february, IMPACT was published. the hot pink (!) cover and gold type amaze me every time i glance down at it. but most astonishing is to see the beautiful book in actual print and paper, as opposed to countless days staring at it in pure pixels and PDF !

pictured above are two of my favorite pages: DVF (current CFDA president) wearing her iconic wrap dress, and Marc Jacobs. Marc's impact statement was written by bridget foley of WWD-- it's truly fantastic.

thank you, as always, to the CFDA. happy 50th!

*you can purchase IMPACT here.